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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 6, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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going on inside the white house about whether or not you can really equate the taliban and al qaeda. in other words, if the taliban resurgent in afghanistan does that automatically mean that al qaeda gains a safe haven as it was pre-9/11? that is always the underlying assumption. every assumption is probed and tested as part of this review. >> and to tie into that, you've got the president will make remarks today from the national counterterrorism center in virginia and that falls in line with the globe war, particularly against al qaeda and we might hear the president reference that. >> there's no question about it. look. i think we should be listening closely to what he says about al qaeda at this speech at the center. part of it is to log the work the folks there are doing and the gain and he will talk i'm sure about the zazi case recently as they look at counterterrorism policies and practices that are working.
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in all of these meetings i'm told the president is focused like a laser what he regards as the sense of the national security threat to the united states which is al qaeda and he is trying to frame an afghanistan/pakistan policy that is really in service of that key goal so i think we should be listening closely to the president this morning at what he has to say at the counterterrorism center. >> thank you very much. a story developing right now, roman polanski just denied bail. the swiss government wanting him to remain behind bars. he was arrested two weeks ago on sem charges that go back 30 years. they considered him a flight risk, stephanie? >> it seems that they did. it's a little unclear right now. he may have to dial this back a little bit. the statement was made of a spokesman for the justice minist ministry. we had a conversation with him earlier and he said that actually what he did was appeal the bail request to the federal
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penal court, saying that polanski was a flight risk and actually the federal penal court has yet to decide. there are actually two parallel processes going on in two different courts in switzerland to determine whether or not polanski should be released. one is the extra edition case and the separate is a case filed by his defense attorneys to release him altogether and not center the extradition. a bit confusing. i think we have to stop a bit short saying he is denied bail. people need to do some clarification here. >> do we know what is next, given the confusion some. >> right now, there is a court decision that is due by the end of the week that will determine whether or not this case will be thrown out altogether and then, you know, following that, if the bail is denied, polanski will be sitting in court while the extradition decision is made as well and that could take a
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couple of months. if he is denied bail on both accounts and house arrest as well he asked for house arrest at his vacation home in switzerland if denied both of those he could sit in court quite a while in switzerland. former yale university lab technician accused of strangling annie le just appeared in court and did not enter a plea. raymond clark's hearing lasted less than five minutes. he is due back in court on october 20th. any le vanished from a yale lab building and her body found five days later in that lab wall and found on what was to be her wedding day. dramatic return to the air for david letterman speaking out for the first time last night since revealing on his show he had sex with staffers and was the victim of an alleged extortion plot. again, in front of an audience, he talked about his personal problems. >> i would be honest with you. i would give anything to be hiking on the appalachian trail and don't kid yourself.
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things are still pretty bad. a possibility i will be the first talk show host impeached. >> so nbc's peter alexander is live outside the ed sullivan theater. interesting reviews of letterman and a lot of people questioning whether it was appropriate for him to make humor out of a subject one affecting his own marriage. >> they say is this a honest policy or trying to get out ahead of the story. a lot of people were inside this studio of a full house laughing to what he had to say last night. he did apologized to his wife and staff for putting him through this. take a listen to david letterman in his own words. >> my wife, regina, she has been horribly hurt by my behavior and when something happens like that, if you hurt a person, then it's your responsibility, you try to fix it. let me tell you, folks, i got my work cut out for me.
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>> letterman said, by the way, to the studio audience all of the relationships about which he spoke all of those relationships with women that worked for him were in the past. he said thanks to the staff for putting up with, quote, something stupid. i've gotten myself into. also today, the "new york post" is reporting that halderman apparently exploded what he read in stephanie birkitt's diary and she is the woman "the new york times" is reporting is a lover of letterman in the past and was the former girlfriend of the man joe halderman accused in this extortion plot and he read in her diary she said she was still carrying on a steamy affair with letterman at a time when she told her boyfriend that relationship was platonic. >> peter in the paper also, they are saying the attorney for joe halderman is pointing to possible allegations of sexual harassment. what do we know about that? >> a good question right now. starting to get a better picture
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of what the defensive strategy is right now. hearing from the halderman attorney saying not so much the conduct and intent of halderman that should be questioned right now, but conduct and intent of david letterman that needs to be looked in. he says he has evidence that letterman sexually harassed some of his female employees and ready to show that evidence in court and reported today the "new york post" is saying it was last year that letterman and his -- the woman who was not said to have been his girlfriend at the time but stephanie birkitt were in eastern montana at the ranch where letterman got married to his wife. this was last fall at the same time where his boyfriend halderman was back at home. a lot of details. you see how we got three people and one thing and it's a mess. he has a lot of explaining today and see if he does it again tonight. >> interesting story there to say the least. peter, thank you. grim outlook for the upcoming holiday shopping season. retail sales expect to drost 1%
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from last year's lackluster performance. unemployment now at 9.8%, a 26-year high. the white house insists there will be no second stimulus. john harwood is cnbc correspondent and robin is with us. great to see you, john. >> hello, monica. >> we are hearing the white house talking about in discussions potentially extending safety nets out there. that's great but, ultimately, people who are noimed out there they want jobs. how does the administration get americans back to work? >> that's what they are working on. the administration believes their economic plan is working the markets are beginning to recover. they've always said unemployment is a lagging indicator and it would keep rising even after they thought their program would work. it's rising to the point now where they are feeling pressure to do something more and so what they are sifting through is extending some tax breaks that were in the stimulus plan and
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coming up with new tax breaks if they can find workable ones that would stimulate new hirings. not easy to do. >> robin, we hear about the additional options that they are exploring but saying it's not a second stimulus. if anything, a extension of the first stimulus. what is the difference? >> it's not semantics. give credit for the administration for looking extra coins under the couch cushion. in the end we have 1.5 trillion deficit to grapple with and the rules of physics here even apply in economics. and they can't distinguish out and -- they can't write another stimulus project. in fact, they themselves say that the formal stimulus projects already haven't fully been absorbed into the economy so a wait and see approach but midterm elections are approaching as well. >> how bad will the democrats get hit in the midterm elections
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if unemployment continues to rise through early part of 2010 if it is expected to do? >> bad and what they are worried about. we know the party that holds the white house, typically, lose is seats in a midterm election once a new president takes office. barack obama had a decisive victory last year and washes this people who are weaker incumbents. if you see unemployment rising and staying over 10% a good part of next year, that is a real danger zone that would suggest you have extraordinarily large losses by the democrats. probably not enough to lose control of the house but enough to weaken president obama and the one thing i would add about your stimulus point earlier, whatever they do, however expensive it is they are not going call a second stimulus because they think that term has been discredited standing for pork and government intervention in ways the american public doesn't like. >> thank you both. up next the war in afghanistan, who is the real target? the taliban or al qaeda?
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welcome back. north korea says it is willing to head back to the negotiating table when it comes to nuclear disarmament. kim jong-il talked to the international community about destroying his nukes but only if he is satisfied with one-on-one talks with the u.s. first. the state department says it encourages dialogue and hopes north korea will return to six-party talks. this month begins as one of the deadliest months in the war in afghanistan so far. in the first five days of the month, 17 u.s. troops were
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killed. 869 u.s. troops have died since the war began in 2001. twelve american troops killed that year. in 2009, so far 239 american troops have died fighting in afghanistan. joining us live is richard engel and from washington, msnbc military analyst and retired u.s. army general barry mccaffrey. great to have you both. general, the administration maintains the u.s. is not abandoning this war in afghanistan. let me play a sound bite here from defense secretary robert gates. >> we are not leaving afghanistan. there should be no uncertainty in terms of our determination to remain in afghanistan and to continue to build a relationship, a partnership and trust with the pakistanis. that is long term. >> what does this mean in terms of additional troops? >> hard to say. the president is in a dreadful
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dilemma here. no political support among the american people or his own party for significant reinforcements and, yet, he is hearing from general mcchrystal, who is a nonpolitical actor, probably the best fighter we produced in the last 25 years, here are the costs implicit in this strategy of protecting the people embedded in the population. it's going to be significant. $4 billion a month and a lot of casualties and ten years, the political price may be unpalatable to the administration. >> i take it you don't think that mcchrystal is pushing policy? >> oh, no. i don't think so at all. the guy has spent five years running our special operations command. he's a nonpolitical actor. he looked at the situation on the ground and he came up with an operational result that tries to implement his present strategy.
11:16 am
i think at some point the administration will make a decision but right now he is put on the table all of his cards. >> richard, we've heard general mcpsychiatrist tall say if the u.s. scales back in afghanistan he said it would be chaos. you've spent so much time there. what do you think? >> i think he is absolutely right and it's already heading in that direction. you saw this pa past weekend small u.s. outposts coming under ferocious attack and the integrity of these little outposts and in some cases being compromised. it's clear they need help on the ground right now, otherwise, i don't think the commanding general on the ground who general mccaffrey said is one of the most respected commanders in the u.s. military would be asking for more troops which he knows it's a sensitive political time. >> do they need troops right now to stop the bleeding as i've heard you say earlier today? >> yes, they do need troops. >> they need that but do they need it for nation building for a bigger commitment? >> the command general on the
11:17 am
ground, mcchrystal said we need troops now and change the way we are fighting the war in afghanistan. reaching out to the population, helping with nation building, and i think that's where the real debate it. as many of the commanders say on the ground this is a ten-year endeavor if you want to do it right. there might not be an appetite among the politicians in this country to do it right. they might want to do it right enough that we can get out of there quickly and that might mean just a year. a big difference. some people in washington on the political side are saying we have tolerance and patience for another year to two years. the joint chiefs level i've heard people say three years. on the ground in afghanistan they say if you want to do it properly ten years. >> ten years, general? >> yeah, i think so. i was unsettled. the word in washington we have to show results on a year, year and a half and that sounds like nonsense to me. 32 million people and giant
11:18 am
nation and 14th century problem we're dealing with and they are heavily armed and cruel and 181st most undeveloped country out of 182 on the face of earth. this is not an overnight proposition. >> thank you both. richard has a new documentary "tip of the spear" that coincide with the eighth anniversary of the war in afghanistan. it premieres on msnbc sunday, october 11 at 8:00 eastern. do not miss it. another story we're following. eaty healthy may put you at risk of getting sick. some nutrition foods carry a high risk of food-borne illness especially the levy greens and here is a list. researchers flagged the food for containing bacteria causing mild illness or death. swine flu fears the first of the h1n1 vaccine are distributed.
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in tennessee, a custody hearing this afternoon for a newborn baby. the one who was found days after he was allegedly snatched from his mother's arms. investigators say that the mother of the baby boy is suspected of arranging to sell the four-day-old infant. the state has taken cust of the -- custody of the baby and her three other children. a woman in alabama is facing federal kidnapping charges. doctors and nurses are lining up for swine flu vaccines for the second straight day. right now, focus is vaccinating hospital workers exposed daily
11:23 am
to patients who may have the swine flu virus. one such hospital is in memphis, tennessee, where about 5,500 kids with flu-like illnesses have been admitted to the e.r. since august. doctor, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> i saw the video of some of the medical personnel getting the nasal version of this. people are wondering what is the difference in the nasal spray and the vaccine that so many others will be receiving here soon. >> well, there are two different forms of the h. 1 h. 1 vaccine and the same as the seasonal flu vaccine. a nasal spray and injection form. both forms will be used widely this year. it just so happens that the nasal spray form became available first. as you know, there's been hard work to produce the virus and it's become available before the injectable form.
11:24 am
>> i want to share a harvard survey found only 40% of adults are certain they will get the vaccine and 51% say they will get it for their children. many are finding this surprising given the number of people being hospitalized and number of deaths and the information quite honestly, being reported about this swine flu. the safety concerns still out there for folks, how can you ease the minds of those who say i'm worried about a side effect. this was rushed on the to the market and other fears that may not be true. >> i think that's exactly right. those concerns are not valid. we know that this vaccine is manufactured exactly like the receivable influenza vaccine and had this virus been circulating last year in the winter months as influenza usually does it would have been added to the routine flu vaccine and everybody would be receiving that and no one would be worried. i think parents should be more concerned about the influenza and the toll it is taking in the community. as you said earlier, we've had
11:25 am
several thousands of kids with influenza in memphis and attempted to the hospital and three children have died from complications of influenza. so we weigh that against a safe and effective van vaccine. to me, it's very clear that we should be telling our families get this vaccine for yourselves and for your children. >> doctor, your diagnosis. does it appear we are on the front-end of this, meaning that the word and the information that's out there, that people are heeding it and we may not see the worst case scenario for this as we move deeper into the traditional flu season? >> that's what we hope. we hope by introducing the vaccine now we can reduce the spread of this virus in the community and reduce any subsequent wave of the viral in fact, shawn that may occur in the winter months. we're concerned about right now this virus could last throughout the entire winter and vaccine is the best way to stop that. >> dr. english, thank you very much. best of luck to you and your staff dealing with the illnesses
11:26 am
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for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ( blows nose ) ♪ ( coughs ) ♪ ( sneezes ) we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ come get yours for just $24.99. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. welcome back to msnbc. i'm tamron hall with my colleague monica novotny. rescuers in indonesia on a collapsed hotel after they hear a woman crying in the rubble but no signs of life were found. this security camera shows the hotel moments before it collapsed. the official death toll from last wednesday 7.6 magnitude quake rose to 704 today and
11:30 am
thousands still remain missing. man accused of making secret nude videos of espn reporter erin andrews has been suspended indefinitely from his job. michael barrett is due in court to face charges of stalking. a bill will be introduced today allowing same-sex couples to marry in the district. the white house preparations come down to this. president obama's team will soon take the lead in mirg merging the senate health care plan but, first, they need the finance committee to call a vote. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins you us live from capitol hill. we talked about this cbo report yesterday from the baucus bill and thought it would come out in the afternoon and you said, hold your horses! not quite. >> oh, it's so hard to be patient, isn't it? we've been talking about this -- i feel like the christmas morning buildup. i can't wait to find out what is the cbo score. we don't have it yet. it is a serious and complex set
11:31 am
of calculations that the nonpartisan congressional budget office must do, analyzing the baucus plan, the blueprint for health care from that committee. it's important because they will tell us what it will cost, the impact on taxes, what it would do to the deficit, would it add to it, remain neutral? those are important political questions going forward because you might remember months ago when the house put forth its own view and it went for cbo scoring and there were some surprises. that made it difficult for those who had been supportive of the plan to argue their case. everybody wants to take a breath and see the numbers and analyze what they mean and go forward with taking a vote. once that happens, let's presume it passes out of committee. then we turn the page and it's a whole new set of negotiations that go from there. >> and what is the latest you're hearing on the president working behind the scenes to get this done? do we know who he has been meeting with? >> the president inside the white house have a key group of
11:32 am
people focused on health care and there is always communication that happens by phone and personal meeting and sitting in offices together and face-to-face sort of diplomacy over health care that has been going on all along. we are hearing now that of course, it has intensified because senior leadership here in the senate want to be certain that the white house has plenty of fingerprints on whatever goes forward, so the president can help to sell it, the president has his own goals met. conversations going on between the white house and key legislators here who have strong views, those who might be able to persuade others and that is been going on and part of their conversation is is there any way to keep a public option alive? that's what we're hearing. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. you may not believe this but stores are bracing already for holiday shopping bust with unemployment now at 26-year high. 9.8% and creeping up the national retail federation predicting 1% drop in holiday
11:33 am
sales. jane wells is live in los angeles. some of the reports earlier in the summer perhaps there might be optimistic turn but we've seen the unemployment continue to increase and when you don't have a job you don't have money and you won't go shopping but it hasn't stores like walmart selling toys for 10 bucks and trying to get you in with the little money that you have. >> actually, tamron, it looks like the 1% sales drop which is from last year, which was really bad, is still not as bad as the year overall. they are still expecting a 3% drop for all retail sales for 2009. the fact that maybe it's only going to be down 1%, i'm calling it not so naughty is the new nice. and what we talked to somebody who is a retail analyst wendy liebman who says that maybe people have actually been saving this year, if you listen to her, they could spend some. >> a lot of pent-up emotion and
11:34 am
willingness to spend. they will be cautious about it. so the end of that long story is that we might be, shall i say, pleasantly surprised? it might not be as dire as we think. >> but, guys, as the spending may continue, the revenues will still be down, because there are going to be sales, sales, sales. they've already started. however, the stores learned a lot this last year. inventories are so tightly managed now that things may sell out early. so it may not be worth it for one as a consumer to wait nil the last minute and hope the sales will get better. >> does that have the retailers to make some kind of profit here as to mark it down or bring down the price point? you think about it. it was a couple of years we saw jeans -- jeans! go over a hundred bucks! now the dose of reality that may have been giving away silly money? >> i think you're going to see shoppers as they have been all year looking for value. and that is why you're seeing, infects a lot of retailers the
11:35 am
last year introduced a lot of mass market discount lines to their brand and those who have have seen for the most part it pay off. maybe they have a high-end somewhere else. vera wang sells high-end but she came out with a line just for kohl's and it has done well for her and people who have done that have been smart. >> thank you, jane. levi johnston is appearing in a national ad campaign for pistachio nuts. how did theyty to go to him? the father of sarah palin's grandson pokes fun at his past. take a look. >> levi! whoo! levi! >> now levi johnston does it with protection. wonderful pistachios. >> i guess that is how they thought of it. what did you think? >> low budget, first, because he's with a big ole guy next to
11:36 am
him, i guess that is pris bodyguard? >> that is his protection. >> can you imagine that being your doubt's ex? >> i love our colleague said you know him because he is the guy with the alaska shirt because we wouldn't know him otherwise! we'll be right back.
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welcome back. the supreme court will hear a case today that could change your first amendment rights. the case is brought upon by graphic dog fighting videos. nbc justice correspondent pete williams is live at the supreme court. this is a difficult one to talk about, pete. it is graphic, it's disturbing and, quite honestly, it's strange but it's before the supreme court. >> it is. there's only -- the congress passed this law ten years ago and there has only been one prosecution brought by the federal government.
11:40 am
>> we've, obviously, run into technical difficulty there. do we have him back? i'm being told we do not have pete back but hopefully, we can get him up and talk about the supreme court listening to this case regarding again the dog-fighting video and some other videos that may affect the first amendment rights. states across the country gearing up to protect residents from the swine flu. first doses in the hands of doctors now. states are reporting widespread flu cases. in california governor schwarzenegger allowing state agencies to cut through the red tape to hire necessary medical staff and medical supplies. in ohio a elementary school shutting down two days due to the outbreak there. school officials say at least 80 of 230 students out sick on monday. in colorado flu clinics can't keep up with the ghooned the regular flu shots. clinics have been postponed
11:41 am
because they don't have enough on hand. in the meantime the nation's airports are trying to help calm air travelers who have concerns about the flu as well. airports across the country will now offer seasonal flu shots right in the terminal. phil lebeau is live at the airport. i guess it's great for multitaskers you have to know if you're getting on a flight in the flu season you could get something. >> sure. and even if you get a shot at an airport, that inoculation doesn't kick in until ten days after you receive the shot. just because you get one before you get on a plane doesn't mean you're going to be protected from getting the flu if you're sitting next to somebody on the plane. but airports are setting up these flu vaccination sites essentially at the request of people who both work at the airports, as well as passengers who have come through the airport. if they have a couple of hours to kill, they want to take advantage of that time, so the airports working with private
11:42 am
contractors, many of them have set up flu clinics where essentially for $35 you get your flu vaccine. it's not the swine flu vaccine. it's just for the standard flu shot. but that's what a number of of airports are doing. the demand is robust. as a matter of fact one company here in chicago has seen the number of people at its clinics at airports around the country jump dramatically. it will be 125,000 who will get flu shots through that company at airports around the country and last year was 90,000. the demand is definitely there. if you get the flu shot at the airport doesn't mean you're protected as soon as you get on the plane. it takes ten days for the vaccine to kick in? >> is the demand airline and airport workers or the travelers passing through? >> combination. more travelers than it is the people who actually work at the airports. i think people who work at the airports, they are taking advantage of the convenience of having these clinics set up, but a number of these clinics are
11:43 am
reporting that people coming up to them say, i want to get my flu shot but didn't have time to get into the doctor's office. i'm here, let's do it now. >> phil lebeau, thanks. >> you can get your receivable flu shot in lubbock, texas, is offering drive-thru flu shot for 20 bucks. nbc charles hadlock is live. folks lining up? >> yes, they are. i'm willing to bet you've never been through a drive-thru flu clinic but these folks are lining up as far as you can see. all of these cars here are waiting in line for the flu shot clinic to begin at the top of the hour. the lubbock health department, along with the police department, are coordinating this effort. you can see they are setting up here. they have 300 doses of the suvenl flu vaccine and four nurses will administer the vaccine as the cars drive through. now, the people aren't supposed to get out of their cars.
11:44 am
in fact, they are supposed to stay in. this is for people have trouble getting around, elderly folks who normally walk around in walkers or wheelchairs and can sit in their car and drive through and the nurse will walk up and give them a shot and they will be on their way. that's the way it's done in lubbock and been this way the last several years. they are expecting a large crowd here in lubbock. >> this is for suvenl flu. will they do the same thing once they receive their swine flu vaccine there? >> they are told they will probably get the first doses of swine flu in about three weeks. they haven't decided yet how they will administrator that -- administer that vook seen but the population here is concerned about it. they have 50 cases of the flu here in lubbock county and three are in the icu with swine flu and expected to recover here.
11:45 am
a lot are concerned about the flu and one death here of a 36-year-old woman in september from the swine flu. >> it's in the panhandle so they will great deal appreciate to drive through for a vaccine with and you don't have to get out of your car when the wind is whipping there. a new study casting doubt on new york city's law to require restaurant chains to post calorie counts. 28% of the customers said that the calorie information influence what they ordered, but sneaky researchers went and looked at the receipts and they say that the average customer sxurmed slightly more calories than before the law was put into place. city health officials say they will release their own study in a few months. searching for solutions in afghanistan. for the first time in six months, president obama is inviting gop house leaders to the white house. on the agenda, what to do with the eight-year long war there. plus, what is happening in the
11:46 am
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federal crime punishable by a prison term to sell videos that depict animal cruelty. harsh treatment of animals, cruel treatment, mistreatment, torture or killing. now, without getting too graphic what congress was intending to get at was a sort of flourishing subculture of videos on the internet that show small animals being killed that apparently appeal to some people's sexual fetishes. what the supreme court said while that law while it is okay to make those particular videos
11:50 am
illegal, the statute sweeps much too broadly and the challenge brought by a man from virginia that show videos that show dog fighting and his lawyer told the supreme court today that dog fighting is actually legal in some countries and it should be legal to show pictures of that here. and i think members of the supreme court were quite sympathetic. there was enormous skepticism to the government's position here that the law is not too broad. several members of the court said what about videos that show bull fighting or videos that show hunting. it seems fairly likely that congress is going to send this back to the supreme court or the supreme court is going to send this back to congress the way you wrote this sweeps too much. >> even reading some of the details of this, pretty horrifying, but thank you very much, pete. >> you bet. a somber morning in delaware as the bodies of ten american soldiers arrived from afghanistan and among the fallen arriving at dover air force base
11:51 am
were the eight soldiers killed in the bloody battle in the taliban over the weekend. joining us senior report from politico and, ken, i'll start off with you, we're talking about these soldiers being brought home, all the eight in the firefighters. colorado, again, the stark reminder of the price being paid and how does this factor into the urgency this might give the white house to let the american people know their intentions regarding afghanistan. >> the white house is facing a really tough decision here. they have to decide whether to send more troops and really invest in fighting this war in afghanistan, diminishing the taliban stronghold there which would anger the sending of more troops or pulling back troops and either pulling them back significantly or adopting the strategy to a sort of more targeted approach that just fights insurgents and either way it's kind of a no-win situation.
11:52 am
>> robert gibbs says yesterday leaving not an option. i want to play what jim webb said just this morning regarding the morning's game and i say morning's game because you have between 10,000 and 40,000. let's hear what he has to say about this. >> we're doing this at a moment where there are fewer than 100 al qaeda people in afghanistan. so, we're clearly shifting towards nation building in a very overt way as national policy. so, general mcchrystal's recommendations are only one piece of that deliberation. >> he went on to say, christina, that the most any country has put on the ground in afghanistan was 80,000. if we put 40,000 more, looking at 100,000 u.s. troops and that may not solve the problem. so, who, who's winning this argument at this point of more or keeping it at a different strategy? >> well, you know, president
11:53 am
obalm saw the person who will make this ultimate decision, but that's one reason why you're seeing this meeting today. he's bringing in all the relevant committees from capitol hill to talk to some of these members and talk to both anti-war democrats and staunch conservative republicans to support the afghan and iraq wars to be able to kind of find out what the best strategy is here. the white house is really saying there's not a timeline for a decision. they want to make sure they get everything right because there are a lot of concerns about these people that are getting killed over there. >> ken, let me talk to you about this global war here. when you talk about the taliban, you're looking at afghanistan and the border of pakistan, al qaeda does not have a country and we have a map where some of the successes have been from finding al qaeda leaderships and indonesia, yemen and does the white house have to make a distinction here if this is a global effort because, again, al qaeda spotted in those different locations and most recently that plan to blow up, perhaps, parts
11:54 am
of new york or the subway system in new york by a man which trained allegedly by al qaeda. >> it is a global effort. the white house, the pentagon they're clear on that and they know pulling out eor even pullig back has ramifications. we're seeing this debate play out publicly where the folks advocating for more troops are publicly airing their grievances, including general stanley mcchrystal and then the folks who are advocating for more middle ground are also publicly airing their opinion. you have a real clash here that is something that the obama administration has been able to avoid in the past, not so in this case. >> but this country has not been able to avoid it. we certainly fought publicly about the war and vietnam and when we put our men and women's in harm's way. certainly appreciate it, thank you. that does it for us this
11:55 am
hour. >> i'll be back here at 3:00 eastern time with my coheart and, meantime, dr. nancy snyderman picks up our coverage. what do you have, nancy? >> including the ten riskiest foods that, yes, may be on your dining room table. a vaccine for cocaine addiction and h1n1 update and levi johnston has a ris kaye new ad and it's almost noon on the east coast, the doctor is in. ou've d a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix, protection that helps save lives. (female announcer) if you have stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix.
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coming up today on "dr. nancy" food scares are in the spotlight as consumer groups call out the ten riskiest regulated foods and push to make our food supply, frapgly, safer to eat. and if it's october, it is pink. as breast cancer awareness month takes over the marketplace from ribbons to football cleats. frankly, are we just overpinked?
11:59 am
plus this -- >> it's true about goat's tears. they're nature's pain remedy. you rub them into your achy joints and muscles and pain just melts away. spread them on your skin and arthritis pain just disappears or does it? joint pain relief creams are today's hot topic when we have the "spin doctor." hello, everyone. i'm dr. nancy sniderman and we'll start today the top story with the arrival of h1n1 vaccine started into the marketplace yesterday and first doses arrived in several states, even more than half of the country has reported widespread flu cases. according to the centers for disease control, the great lakes region has been really hard hit. tennessee health workers were the first to get their swine flu shots yesterday. also indianapolis and, meanwhile, new york state has mandated that its health care workers get vaccinated for seasonal flu right now and then


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